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Bancwest Investment Services, Inc (Bwis) operates as a financial advisory company that has its headquarters in Omaha, Nebraska. It controls $1.5 billion in assets throughout 8,147 accounts, placing it among the biggest firms in the nation by assets under management (AUM). The firm has a large group of 361 employees, of which 245 are financial advisors. Bancwest Investment Services, Inc (Bwis) is not a registered broker-dealer, meaning the firm is not able to buy and sell securities for its accounts and those of its customers and instead is required to go through a broker-dealer company to do so. Securities are defined as exchangable fiscal assets like bonds, options and equities.

Bancwest Investment Services, Inc (Bwis) manages all of the firm's client assets in a discretionary manner. Discretionary management is a structure in which transaction choices for the client's account are made by a portfolio manager without requiring the client's permission. Bancwest Investment Services, Inc (Bwis)'s typical account size is $187,958. An average financial advisor at Bancwest Investment Services, Inc (Bwis) oversees about 33 client accounts, placing it towards the middle in terms of personalization.

Bancwest Investment Services, Inc (Bwis)'s headquarters is located at 13220 California Street, Omaha, Nebraska 68154-9750. Bancwest Investment Services, Inc (Bwis) is legally allowed to provide services to investors throughout 51 U.S. states and territories.

Assets Under Management

$1.5 billion

Number of Advisors




Office Location

13220 California Street
Omaha, NE 68154-9750

Bancwest Investment Services, Inc (Bwis) by the Numbers

Total Assets Under Management

$1.5 billion

National Average: $3.3 billion
Total Number of Employees


National Average: 31
Total Number of Accounts


National Average: 1,935
Average Account Size

$188.0 thousand

National Average: $1.7 million

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Products and Services

Bancwest Investment Services, Inc (Bwis) provides a variety of financial services, which can include portfolio management for individuals and small businesses, selection of other advisers and other services. Notably, Bancwest Investment Services, Inc (Bwis) did not provide financial planning services to any of its customers in the prior financial year. Bancwest Investment Services, Inc (Bwis) is involved in selling products or offering services aside from investment advice to its customers. The company is affiliated with one or more other service providers in the financial services industry, including with a broker-dealer or securities dealer, banking or thrift institution, insurance company or agency and commodity pool advisor.

Core Advisor Services

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    Financial Planning Services

    This is the process of planning for your financial future, including for events such as retirement, your child's college education or estate succession.

  • Offered by 61% of firms

    Portfolio Management

    This is the selection and management of an investment mix and portfolio strategy for individuals and small businesses.

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    Market Timing Services

    This is the practice of attempting to make short-term profits on investments by buying low and selling high.

Other Services

  • Offered by 23% of firms

    Selection of Other Advisors

    This is the firm's assistance with choosing other advisors to work with who may have different specialties.

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    Publication of Periodicals

    This is the publication of various financial education materials.

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    Educational Seminars/Workshops

    This is the hosting of seminars or workshops to educate investors on financial concepts.

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Fee Structure

Financial management fees typically depend on which services are provided. Fee types billed by the company typically consist of the following fee types: asset-based. Wrap fee programs, or the practice of bundling services for a single fee, are provided by the firm.


  • Offered by 72% of firms

    Percentage of Assets

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    This fee, which is the most common fee type charged by advisors for portfolio management, is based on the amount of assets you have under management. Also referred to as an asset-based fee, this fee typically ranges from 0.50%-2.00% of AUM annually. You'll typically pay a lower rate the more assets you have under management.


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    Like a lawyer, a financial advisor may charge you by the hour. This can be helpful if you are only looking for short-term or one-time advice. Rates typically range from $100-$300 per hour, depending on the complexity and level of services needed.

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    Occasionally, advisors earn commissions from selling financial products, such as securities or insurance policies, or making certain referrals or transactions. Advisors who earn commissions may be incentivized to make certain recommendations to clients in order to make a commission. Fee-only advisors do not earn commissions, while fee-based advisors may.

  • Find one of the 17% of firms that offer this fee type


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    Advisors only earn performance-based fees if a portfolio outperforms a defined benchmark. This fee may be calculated in a number of ways but most commonly is charged as a percentage of investment profits. Performance-based fees may incentivize advisors to make riskier decisions in order to generate higher returns.

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    Firms generally charge this fee for educational materials provided, such as a monthly magazine. This can be useful if you want to learn about investing or financial management on your own.

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    Fixed fees are a one-time, lump sum charged for a specific service, like the creation of a financial plan without subsequent implementation. This can be useful if you only need advice for one specific purpose, rather than a long-term advisor. Fixed fees usually range from $1,000 to $3,000.

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    Firms can sometimes charge customers using non-traditional fee structures. See this firm's Form ADV for more details.

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Types of Clients

The firm works with retail investors, high net worth investors, charitable organizations and corporations. Out of its 8,147 customers, Bancwest Investment Services, Inc (Bwis)'s largest client group by number of accounts is retail investors, though it also caters to 125 high-net-worth individuals. A high-net-worth individual is defined by the SEC as someone who has at least $750,000 in AUM or a net worth of at least $1.50 million or who counts as a "qualified purchaser" (a standard met by having at least $5 million in investments). None of the firm's clients are represented by non-U.S. persons.

  • High-Net-Worth Individuals* - 1.86%
  • Other Individuals - 97.49%
  • Corporations - 0.59%
  • Charitable Organizations - 0.06%

* The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) defines a high-net-worth individual as someone who has at least $750,000 under management.

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Bancwest Investment Services, Inc (Bwis) does not have any disclosures.

Please visit its Form ADV for more details.

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Financial Advisors at Bancwest Investment Services, Inc (Bwis)

Hamza Farooquee
Tustin, CA
Milap Shah
Albuquerque, NM
Saba Jahanian
Santa Monica, CA
John Lee
Palo Alto, CA
Angela Reynolds
Los Angeles, CA
John Mathison
Anoka, MN
George Saliga
Mountain View, CA
Dimitre Ivanov
New York, NY
Gianluca Paci
Los Angeles, CA

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This content was compiled from the SEC and FINRA